Sound Healing, Yoga Music, Kundalini

Live Music for Yoga classes, Events, and Retreats

Introducing live healing music into your yoga practice will enhance your experience, deepen your flow, and center your soul. The healing vibrations of the extraordinary transformative played live by Normando, brings a unique ethereal feel to the practice space. Indoors or outdoors, the hypnotic melody and rhythm of the drums alone will lift your heart and activate your chakra system. Normando makes use of unique instruments, specially produced sacred music tracks and melodic drumming to transcend the yogic experience.

Monetary offering?
One karma class for booking a first time regular studio class. Special arrangements can be made for fundraisers and charity events.
Regular classes are $75/class up to 90mins.
There is a travel fee to attend classes outside of Toronto.

Sound healing and guided meditation

Sound healing is a constant growing part of Normandos repertoire. Join him as he connects with the mystical art and science of sound healing. There have been many studies conducted that conclude every life and object on the earth and heaven is made up of sound waves. By exposing the human body to various different frequencies there can be miracle healing. Normando mixes the sound healing methods with guided meditation. Meditation has been a part of Normandos life for well over forty years. Quartz Chrystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Sacred Frame Drums, Vocals, Shakers, and Tuning Forks are the tools used to bring the body back in tune.  See how you can prepare for your first sound healing session.

Kundalini infused yoga jam!

Some names of yoga practice styles that are familiar to North American Yogis are Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Bikram, Moksha, Power Yoga, Restorative, and Yang Yin. The most elusive style and the mother of our North American yoga community is Kundali yoga. The practice of releasing the pranic energy (life energy) from the lower part of the spine, also where the first three chakras in the chakra system lay. The Kundalini energy is drawn up through the remaining four chakras by the use of mudras, pranayama, Montras, and movement. Normando has developed an introduction to this mysterious Kundalini practice that educates the curious yogi. You will be lead through a series of chakra opening exercises accompanied by specific sacred music tracks unique to each of the seven chakras. Then the yogi will push through the Kriya, a series of challenging posses designed to open chakras, draw pranic energy up the spin, balance the nervous system, and physically strengthen the body. The practice closes with a guided relaxation and a sacred meditation.

Monetary offering? The price of this class/workshop may very with studio. Keep an eye on postings for dates times and prices.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are held in your most comfortable environment. These sessions range from percussion lessons to meditation, kundalini, and sound sessions. Monetary offering is $75 plus transportation fee if outside the Toronto area. Please contact Normando for more detailed info.


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