Preparing for Your First Sound Healing Session

Prior to seeing a new patient recently, I was asked some questions for how they might prepare themselves for their first sound healing session.  Below are some of the answers to those questions and tips on how you can prepare yourself for your upcoming session.


What can I expect when I arrive?

A relaxing environment with a place for you to lie down on a colourful blanket called a healing blanket.  The aroma of incense, instruments around the mat, and a comfortable blanket and pillows.

What can I do to prepare myself for my first sound healing session?

Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing and you have had something to eat or drink (it’s best to not be hungry).  Any type of research is always good before you enter into anything.  If you look up sound healing or crystal bowls on YouTube keep in mind it won’t give you the actual vibration feeling you would get in person.  Think of a rock concert; the live experience will be much different than watching it on YouTube.

What kinds of things can I expect to experience?

You could experience a large range of emotions, anywhere from laughing or crying.  You can experience seeing light, or a state of euphoria.  Sometimes people feel as though they have fallen asleep but they actually haven’t their brain waves have actually slipped out of beta state to alpha and even reach delta (sleep state, where internal healing can occur).  If you have trouble meditating sound healing is the perfect thing for you because it helps you slip into the meditative state (theta).

What can I do during the session to get the best out of it?

At the beginning of each session we will go through some exercises to focus on unconditional love.  It can be a single experience or as significant as a family member or a dog.  That’s when you are really freeing your spirit and opening yourself up to receive the actual vibrations.  It’s about focusing on that energy and on the intention that we set at the beginning of the session.  Keeping your heart open and intention in mind.

What will you be doing?

During an integral sound session or sound bath, I would be playing multiple instruments like crystal singing bowls, drums, tuning forks, or using my voice to bring about a vibrational change.

Why is it called a sound bath?

Because you are basically being surrounded in or bathed in sound.  The official term is actually an integral sound healing session.  The term sound healing describes a session where the focus is on a particular problem you are experiencing (depression, anxiety, stress, physical arthritic pain, digestion, even cancer).  Specific protocol and instruments will be used to cater to that specific problem.

Is this a religious thing?

No, it is not a religious thing.  It’s more of a spiritual thing, although you can incorporate your god into the session itself by focusing on god during your session.  It is more of a scientific thing (related to medicine), working to heal through the vibrations and frequency of the sounds.  You can choose to hear your god or you can pray as you go through the session.  You can choose to approach it however you wish.