There is no denying that Yoga has been on the upward trend for some time.  With types of yoga ranging from Hatha Yoga with slow movements where you hold each pose for a few breaths, to Vinyasa Yoga where your breath links to movement in a dance-like manner.  There is even a laptop named after Yoga due to its hinged screen allowing for flexibility to be used as a laptop or tablet (the Lenovo Yoga).

However, did you know that Canada is the most yoga-curious country according to Google Statistics?   Below are the statistics according to Google Trends, which is a public tool that shows how often a particular search-term is entered.


Is there a particular time when people show more interest in Yoga?

You can see that there is consistently a spike around June, which is not only the beginning of summer, but it’s also National Yoga Day. There is another upward spike nearing the end of the year, which is likely peZople preparing for their “New Year’s Resolutions”.  However, when you look at the overall trends from 2004 to present you can see a very consistent upward incline in the yoga trend.  In addition, Canada is regularly in the lead for most interest over time since 2004.

What does this translate to for us Canadian Yogis?

Get out there and blog!  Spread your knowledge about Yoga practices and share the love of Yoga with not only your fellow Canadians, but also the world.


Written by Alicia Jones for exclusive use by Normando Jones and Yoga and Rhythm