With an ever growing interest in my sound bath practice, it is my pleasure to share with you a review from a loyal patient of mine.  This review was written after her first session and since she is a blogger by trade, she was happy to have her feedback made public for any newcomers to learn from.

“Normando is truly talented and very professional!”

After speaking with some of my friends who had experienced sound healing or a “sound bath” (which might sounds strange but is actually a very accurate description of the overall ambiance) I decided to go ahead with one myself.  After contacting Normando Jones and scheduling my first session I had some questions but I was super eager to get started.

sound-bathWhen I arrived for my session I saw a colourful blanket (known as a healing blanket), laid out and comfortable blankets and pillows.  There was an aroma of incense and his instruments were setup around the mat.  Prior to attending his workspace I had looked up sound healing on YouTube and listened to the sound of the Tibetan Singing Bowl online.  This was nothing compared to the actual vibration feeling I experienced from the musical instruments during the session.

“It’s like Yoga for the mind!”

During the session I laid on my back on the comfy mat and listened to Normando play various instruments such as tuning forks, crystal singing bowls, drums, and he even used vocal tones.  I normally have a lot of trouble meditating, but the sound bath, sent me into a deep state of relaxation.  I almost fell asleep.  After the session I felt revived and my mind felt more clear.  In speaking to my friends who have experienced sound healing some people say they found themselves experience a range of emotions during the session, anything from laughing to crying.  Apparently it is quite normal for everyone’s sound sessions to be a very different experience.  I think sound baths will now be a regular part of my life!  It’s like yoga for the mind!

Like she mentioned everyone’s sound bath experience can be very different.  I was asked some wonderful questions before a sound bath session a few weeks ago and I have provided some of those answers for you here.  Keep checking back to my site for more sound healing information.

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