Rhythm is used regularly in yoga practice to help pace your breathing, heart-rate and flow between asanas.  Vinyasa or Flow Yoga connect with the rhythm of the breath.  Ujjayi, a whisper breath, link every transitional movement to either an inhale or exhale.  Teachers count breath out loud, some use a simple song in 4/4 time to get everyone breathing together.  As a percussionist, my main objective is using music to move the yoga practice through the use of rhythm then melody.

The rhythm of the drum stimulates the motor area of the brain signalling when to move, keeping you at a steady pace.

Nothing impacts as many regions of the brain at once as music.  Have you ever noticed that listening to a song from your teen years can transport your memory back to a specific moment in your past? Research has found that music improves memory, mental alertness and mood.  It has also been proven to reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain.  This is because we hear music both physically and emotionally.

Mastering the marriage of rhythm, melody and movement is a science, one which I have worked tirelessly to customize to the yoga practice. Just as scoring a movie takes understanding of how music works emotionally, music can heighten your yoga practice to unconsciously flow through the movements.  Centering your posture and nervous system through sound can sometimes be all you need to push yourself through that next asana.

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“one good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain” Bob Marley



Article written by Alicia Jones for exclusive use by Normando Jones and Yoga and Rhythm